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The crossfade mastermind™






The Crossfade Mastermind™ combines the process of an age tested tool [utilized by successful businesses and entrepreneurs alike] with the celebrated critical inquiry methods that have been at the foundation of Neycha's private practice and scores of thriving clients.


Mastermind is defined as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definitive purpose."  Building on this process, Neycha helps clients to engage in a soulful and transparent process that builds a foundation for the discovery and creation of one's authentic blueprint and the clear pathway, should they choose, to lead them.


For anyone who is serious about stepping wholeheartedly into the full potential of their inherent brilliance, a mastermind is key in helping one to think strategically and act operationally. 

The cultivation of a mastermind group is designed specifically to provide clarity, direction and the creative intelligence for the client's overall vision.


It capitalizes on the unique advantage of galvanizing feedback from those intimately familiar with your personal history to bridge the gaps and help to eliminate any blocks that undermine your professional success.


With the creation of a Crossfade Mastermind Group you benefit from: 

1. The gathering of clear, honest and impactful feedback from those you most trust. 

2. Having a group of people available to help you stay on track and succeed. 

3. Having the benefit of differing perspectives and feedback analyzed and crystalized by Neycha.
4. The expansion of resources and connections brought by your designated members.
5. Ongoing encouragement and support.

The Crossfade Mastermind™ includes:

Client Questionnaire

The client questionnaire is designed to gather information on the client's strengths, interests and areas of expertise.  $199 value

1- 1 Consultation

The consultation is a 15 to 20-minute session to go over and finalize the core strengths, interests and areas of expertise that mastermind participants will be surveyed on.  $299 value

Mastermind group survey

The mastermind survey group is comprised of up to 5 people you select, who's feedback and outlook you value. Once you have provided their email addresses, they will be invited to answer a custom survey based on your strengths and interests list along with ten other intimate questions about you.  $1500 value

Survey PDF

The answers from the mastermind participant's surveys, along with a visual graph of strengths, etc rated by them will be organized and shared in a comprehensive PDF document.  $499 value

Mastermind Scheduling

Each participant of your mastermind group will be contacted to determine an equally convenient time for all participants plus the client to meet for an in-person mastermind session.  $99 value

Mastermind Session

The client, along with mastermind participants will gather for approximately 3 hours for a mastermind session facilitated by Neycha.  The session will include live discovery of strengths, interests, and areas of expertise as perceived by the group along with the sharing of each participants personal survey and client feedback.  Client and participants engage in a mini deep-dive orchestrated specifically for the client's benefit.  In addition to the deep-dive discovery process, the initial mastermind makes clear the strategic path forward and lays the ground work for future mastermind sessions. $3000 value

Crossfade Mastermind™ Magazine - OPTIONAL $699

The mastermind participant's surveys and the visual graph along with personal client photos and curated quotes will be designed, printed and bound into a full color, full size 8 1/2  x 11 magazine to have as a keeps sake, and canonized document of your Crossfade Mastermind™.

INVESTMENT: Contact for Total cost

Magazine Example actual client

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