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"I love that we love each other!"

Cathleen Trigg-Jones

Emmy Award-winning journalist, Actress, Producer, TV Talk Show Host

Working with Neycha has been an absolute gift.  Her keen insight and dedication to enhancing the lives of every woman she touches is undeniably the thing that separates her from other life coaches.

As soft as she is bold, Neycha has a way of getting to the bottom of every client's inner truth by helping them unravel the many layers of good and bad experiences that have molded the way they think and act. 


I have not only relied on her for my own personal and professional growth and guidance, I  have gifted others with her one-on-one sessions at a time when they too felt stuck and needed help jumpstarting their own personal journey of healing.

Neycha truly is a Godsend to so many women and I give her so much credit for helping me to realize my own inner strength and talents at a time when life had presented me with more question marks than answers.

Tabby Biddle

#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author & Director, The Goddess Collective

Neycha is an incredible transformational healer. She brings her artist self to the forefront in helping her clients see and express their own creative selves. She creates and holds the space for elements of one's being that they may have yet to discover. Her deep respect and awe for the creative and transformational processes gives her clients permission to honor and appreciate their own process -- leading to tremendous healing and the ability to live life to its fullest! I highly recommend working with Neycha.

Myra Howard

MT Owner of Chi Moshi Massage Studio

My crossfade weekend with Neycha was incredible!   It was not only enlightening, it was transforming.  


What I learned and experienced during that weekend had a rippling effect on the trajectory of my life, my family's life, my support network and everyone I have come in contact with since.


Neycha has helped me established a support network with a couple of my dear friends and family members that I trust to help me continue to take care and nurture myself.  In turn, these tools and support system have not only helped me, it also helped the individuals in my support system and made our relationship stronger and more valuable.


This was the best present I could have given myself.  The crossfade experience with Neycha has helped me shred a heavy coat of depression, sadness and guilt and has freed me to seek and enjoy a life full of honesty and joy.

Yvonna Kopacz-Wright

Actress, Yogi, Backyard Farmer, Owner of Lomar Farms

Neycha has quite literally changed the projection of my life. Where I was tumbling toward an existence of invisibility and little self worth, Neycha's intuitive guidance lead me to a transformation of stepping into my power and shining my brightest light. Her unapologetic approach for skillfully navigating conversations always lead me to a breakthrough that I never thought possible. Thank you my dear friend!

Sherry Zakhary

Physician, Health & Fitness Educator

Since our work, I am so at peace these days; life has really taken a 180.  The signature you have on your email really feels true to me, in that I feel you really instigated a personal revolution within me and I continue to be so grateful to you for that!  

I am thinking of you warmly and frequently.  I am so grateful for your knowledge and support Neycha.

Catherine Calderon

Founder, Celebrating The Call

My work with Neycha has been so deep and life transforming.  It is of such a revolutionary and radical caliber that it's hard to talk about it in terms of normal therapy, or counseling or life coaching.  

Neycha is without a doubt one of the most gifted, intuitive teachers I’ve ever worked with!  


What she gave me was a way of interpreting my life in a mythic way...looking at how I was going to move on and make what had happened to me worth something.  That reframing of my life was the liberation I’d been looking for.

Nucomme Davis-Walker

Artist, Entrepreneur

Life's journey for me as an artist and business woman has definitely been one of many winding roads... and I just wanna say that I'm so happy that the universe allowed us to cross paths.  


You have been a light in my life.  I'm so grateful for all that you have done for me.  You literally have saved me on so many levels and moments.


I want you to know I that I appreciate you.  You are a blessing and don't ever change! 

Susan Siegel

Owner, Brooklyn ARTery

Neycha helped me to come out of my depression, throw away all the pills and make my life work again.

Paula Edgar

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Neycha provided me with a mirror to my soul. She helped me to confront issues in my past that had become obstacles. The work that we did helped me to address problems and elevate my relationship with others, and most importantly, with myself.

Risha Rox

Corporealist, Painter, Sculptor, Installation Artist

My crossfade experience was multi-faceted! Intention combined with fairly deep excavation seems to have led the way to spontaneous healing! Interestingly, opportunities to utilize and observe my growth came immediately and have continued!!! One of my favorite aspects of working with Neycha is that the work may be difficult and at times uncomfortable, but there is always LOTS of space left (and in fact cultivated) for the miraculous!

Karen McMullen

Film Sound Editor

I love Neycha. She sees the big picture and helps you formulate paths and strategies for dealing with all of your stuff.

Aiesha Turman

Dynamic Educator and Artist, Scholar-Practitioner, Entrepreneur and Fab Mama

Neycha really got me out of a rut when it came to my thinking and correlating my actions with my intentions. Some of the work she gave me was very difficult because I had to really look at myself, warts and all, and embrace it. Because of Neycha, I have moved out of a place where things "happened" without rhyme or reason, to a place of consciousness and self-love. My life is very different and I thank her for helping to guide me.

Kymberle Joseph

Author, Playwright, Teacher, Owner of The Kymberle Project

My initial call to Neycha was to help increase my financial income. But what we first looked at was all the debits that were happening in my life that had nothing to do with money. In my work with Neycha, I’ve made radical leaps! I live more authentically and am open to receive abundance in all its forms.

Tanya Fly

Trainer, CEO of The Nu Method

Thank you Neycha for creating a safe environment for my sons to find their TRUTH during a time when it was quite challenging... When custody becomes a battle, it is devastating, especially for the children. There were many that helped us navigate this part of our life journey, but your insightfulness and 'southern charm' allowed for their walls to come down and explore not only how they felt at the time, but more importantly to me, what they NEEDED!

Lynette Kaid

Neycha was amazing in teaching me to set boundaries for myself.

Haguerenesh Tesfa

The Crossfade elucidates your personal "aha" moment and allows for true healing at your core. Neycha is an amazing midwife to this process. With respect for you, your story, and your feelings - she pushes and inspires, challenges and distills - and invites the group to do the same. I recommend “crossfading” for anyone ready to unpack their personal luggage (emotional, painful, etc) and CROSSFADE into their next iteration. It's possible for everyone!

Melissa Rivera

Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Counselor

The work is a like a work out. Neycha’s pushing you to get through. She’s got you, but you’re still doing hard work. Afterwards, you definitely feel strengthened!

Niki H.


Soul searching with a guide. Thank you Neycha for the tremendous growth!

Esi Wildcat

After attending Crossfade, I realize the onus is solely on myself to pick and choose what I will give life to - not only in my mind, but in my life. Crossfade empowered me to be where I am and to create genuine moments from the present. Thank you Neycha!

Sarah Wick

This workshop is brimming with an innovative and unique healing concept of spontaneous therapy that encourages participants to relinquish the space where YOU allow your mental toxins to have dimension. Neycha guides you through the "crossfading" process, helping you to make pivotal decisions, let go of baggage, and move into being. Yes!

Meredith Arena

Founder/Co-Owner at Ritual Grounds SPC

Neycha's work is challenging and beautiful. As a client, you will be the co-architect of your personal growth process. Her service is of the most valuable that I know of!

Pamela Allen

Visual Artist, Contemporary Art Studio

Neycha’s practice was extremely effective for me after a traumatic experience. I highly recommend her!

Amy L.


You helped me fundamentally change my relationship with myself through a process that was interactive and goal oriented.

Julie Pochron

Photographer, Owner, Pochron Studios

When you don’t have the answer, you have to find somebody who does. Instead of what would Batman say, it became what would Neycha say? She's awesome.

Sharon P.

Best-selling Author

You gave me the tools to get past life's crap and my own crap and enjoy the bigger things.

Gabriella Rivera

I found myself, through your guidance, realizing that I had the power to change and manifest anything I wanted.

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