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crossfading as method

Question [yourself] Tell [the truth]
Own [your shit] Shift [your muthafreakin’ thinking] Imagine [new possibilities] Remix [your narrative] Be [epic]

Inventive Method - Way of Life

Pioneered by artist and healer k. Neycha Herford over a decade ago, Crossfading is both an inventive transformation method and a way of life led by those Neycha dubbed as “crossfaders” - who intentionally push the boundaries of perception, remix reality and cultivate bold, authentic lives. 


Turn up the empowered self.  ReMIX your story

Borrowing from deejay culture, Crossfading is a practice that affirms our innate creative power to amplify what moves us and mute or remix what doesn’t.  It is a method based on mixing and remixing our thoughts, beliefs and actions in order to be the deliberate and conscious architects of our own reality. 


Consistent with Jungian psychology, eastern philosophy and leading studies in the fields of metaphysics and quantum physics, The Crossfade Method™ engages critical self-inquiry, encourages a mystical interpretation of life, and a commitment to reconstructing our personal narratives in ways that feel purposeful and empowering, rather than stifling and oppressive.  


Adopt a gutsy perspective.

The method works from three core principles:

  • everything, even the undesirable, serves an empowering purpose in our evolution

  • shifting your perception can shift your life 

  • tuned to the magic of the present, anything is possible

Get your Rebel on!

Crossfading is not a gentle affair.  It is a conscious rebellion against what appears to be at first glance, and instead an intentional choice to think, see and act differently.  




The single decision to be mindful about what we tell ourselves about our lives makes all the difference in how we experience the journey.  When we Crossfade, we literally transform our relationship to reality, and pave the way for a continuous reinvention of self expressed through what we choose and what we refuse.


Wha twill be your 

creative fingerprint?

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